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Ramon Martinez is the CEO and founder of the ANPO Experience his key point of difference is that he uses an award winning methodology based on social science theory and participatory art to generate high level of engagement in organisations. The ANPO methodology was developed by himself at the University of Melbourne.

With four degrees behind him (Bachelor in Chemical Engineering, Graduate Diploma in International Business, Master by Research in Community Development and Graduate Diploma in Creative Arts) and an understanding about the challenges organisations face in the global market, Ramon is recognised for his unique approach that brings greatness to those around him.

Ramon  started from zero in Australia. He grew up within a political family in Venezuela who was forced to flee a dictatorship for standing up against injustice. He went from almost homeless to business owner. He is the result of migration and tenacity. He has an accent that portrays his background and the first hand experience of losing everything and recreating himself.

Ramon is here to make change, to help others change; there would be no point to having gone through all of this if not to discover his life purpose, a better place for all of us. His personal experience and academic background helped him understand the challenges of diversity, the value of being part of a team and the importance of inspiring leadership to generate change. He is living proof that we can make it together.